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Saturday, 2 April 2011

Getting out from under the bed

I have not only been out of touch with blogging recently but out of touch with goings on.  Rest and recovery takes a person away from most things.  Mental illness takes away confidence and the want to get out from under the bed.  In the past few weeks with the help of medics and medication I can feel a new positivity stirring that hasn’t been around for a long, long time.  Until this week much of my ‘social’ life has evolved around hospital appointments which have left me exhausted and not leaving much interest for more. Yesterday, with the tender persuasion of some beautiful ladies I was able to rejoin a group that has been such a special part of my life for a number of years – my Friday Bible group.
 I’ve sporadically dipped in and out this past year, not concentrating, not really playing a part and always having the excuse that I’d missed so many classes so I was always out of sync due to illness.  My friends never sure what to do, how to help me, but would always pray.   Me, never sure what to tell them, not wanting to depress them would always say I was ok. They thankfully, took no notice of what I said and persisted to try knock down the wall I tried building around me!

With this slight positivity that I felt this week and a brand new study that was starting yesterday, I knew that I had to grab this with both hands. Many of the roadblocks that I had felt were there before had been removed and I had to get out from under the bed for at least 2 hours, let my friends back in, try not to get emotional whilst there and take Beth Moore and her study on Daniel “Lives on Integrity Words of Prophecy” on board from the off.  To miss the first class would give me an excuse in the future, I knew that. I, of course have to know my limits without falling flat on my backside again too.  I will keep it at teeny tiny steps and my new mantra of ‘slower forward this time than risk one step back’ – but I also knew I needed this - and it was good!

I had a hospital appointment nearby a couple of hours later which it wasn’t worth my while to go home and yet I didn’t want to sit again at the hospital.  I felt so good after my study and huge achievement, that I took the opportunity to go to the cafe at the nearby Botanic Gardens for lunch. (Criminally, I live so close and yet I hardly go and take in this wonderful oasis, which I must really put on my “must do more often list” (when I get round to doing one)). 

My Lunchtime view whilst eating.
This is what you see, when you get out from under the bed!

my cafe

April 1st -  a fool’s day for many, but a positive and happy day for me,
so much so I wanted to share!

Until the next time

Beth x

Thank you for taking time to read my post


  1. Falch i weld bo ti'n dechre teimlo'n well. Small steps...
    Cymer ofal

  2. Beth,
    I hope each day brings you more strength, more peace that comes from knowing Jesus, and more hope. I battled depression for decades, and am finally depression free (for the past eight years). It's almost like I have had two different lives.
    God bless,

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