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Monday, 27 June 2011

Senior Prom

Big M recently attended one of the school calendar's largest G12 event.  For North Americans a school prom is par of the course but for us welsh who have only seen prom's in the movies (though I do understand it's becoming popular back home now) it was great excitement, much grooming and hmmm lots of money for her senior prom.  I didn't mind the 'lot's of money' bit, to a point, so I thought, until I heard how much 'lots of money' other's were spending for their daughter's senior prom. 

Clearly I didn't realise how much of deal this was at all as my 'lots of money' wasn't as much at all in comparison.  I hadn't figured on the make up, waxing, hair-do and the much etc etc etc......... And then I hear that we 'get away lightly'  here in Singapore as we don't hire Limo's and other such fancy stuff.....
(I am grateful, honest) ( in sarky voice).  

Anyway, one Saturday, we trawled the shops for an appropriate dress, that special dress as even I understood that there is only one senior prom, only to come right back and buy that very first dress that she tried on - always the same right?  So, dress, shoes, bag, necklace later we were sorted.  Well not quite so, as I mentioned there was the hair and make up and all other this and that's and bits and bob's,
and remembering Big M only gets so much allowance and I
had said that I was ok to spoil her with that first list, all other stuff would be covered by the attendee off the 'do' as I kept calling it, to much annoyance of the 12th grader herself :) It would be very interesting to see how economical Big M would be with her own money as mine was being spent like confetti.

In fairness to her, things worked out quite well.  Hair was done by professional as the humidity here is so bad that any home 'do' wouldn't last long at all for this kind of special occasion, but Mum came up trumps for the make-up, though only after practice sessions and constant mirror surveillance during the final operation.  It was a total eye opener all round for me and quite exciting the day itself.  I was happy for her to experience a prom as part of an international school education here in Singapore, especially being a student of a Canadian school and made me sad that I'd missed out on such an event. 

I was really teary eyed and snap happy with the camera and will be a little bit more clued up the second time around when it's Little M's turn in 8 years.

Until the next time
Beth x

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  1. I was lucky I never had to deal with that. My oldest never went to prom, he went to the NJROTC's Navy Ball. He wore his dress uniform, and I never had to pay for a thing! I have no idea what will happen when my daughter goes to prom :(

    Your daughter, by the way, is beautiful!

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  3. She's adorable and beautiful, she makes her momma proud.