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Friday, 22 April 2011

Clever Eggs

A supportive friend popped round for coffee on Wednesday and brought with her a carton full of eggs.  Don’t open until Friday. Investigate then!”, we were told. Today, Good Friday, and as per our instructions, Little M and I investigated our egg carton.  It was marked “Resurrection Eggs” and inside it was full of colourful plastic eggs all numbered from 1-12

12 Easter eggs, 12 numbers, 12 scripture verses 

On the back of the lid of the carton were 12 scripture verses which were also labeled 1-12. The purpose being to read the verse and then open the corresponding egg. 

 Each egg held a symbol significant to that verse
Egg number 4 - Red Cloth & Crown of Thorns
Matthew 27: 28-30

 Egg 5 - The Cross
John 19:18

Silver Coins

The twelfth egg was EMPTY!

We are a chocaholic household so there is a commercial chocolate egg for each of us waiting in the fridge.  The shops have been full of them, along with straw baskets for egg hunts and mini eggs to fill them (though that’s not usually a good idea here in Singapore with the heat). Yummy and fun I won’t dispute (and I’m sure neither will the others that live here), but wow did we have such a great time going through our “clever eggs” this morning (as little M has renamed them).  My friend had made a few sets with her children in a craft group and  has handed them out as gifts.

So effective and yet so simple, so much so that I thought I’d share. 

Happy Easter!

some of the other symbols found in the eggs 

Until the next time
Beth x

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