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Friday, 21 January 2011

In time for the next Olympics.....

The recent unseasonably cooler weather here in Singapore has made me more active, it makes the world of difference and moving my body is more pleasurable when it isn't an 80% humidity and a 90% heat.  And  maybe it's why I did an unthinkable thing and signed up for a 10K run.   

Yep, that’s right, please re-read to be sure you are still on the same page!

Me, I, Myself, Beth, who doesn’t run for a bus never mind a 10k run, has signed up to do just that here in the humidity and heat of Singapore.  Now, before anyone gets excited it’s not next week or even next month.  It’s ages away, December to be precise, enough time to prepare – and there has to be a lot of preparation let me tell you.  I am 42 and never but ever have been part of a team sport or any kind of regular exercise in my life.  Yes, I go to Pilates once a week and I get spasms of when I start exercising ‘for real’…. but it never lasts long and I soon recover and get over it.  However, this is the big deal.  Not only have I told people.  But I’ve told people, they’ve laughed and I’ve said “I’ll prove it” and now, yikes, I have to!  I know it’s not the half or full marathon or any other biggie…. but to me it’s a serious biggie a very serious biggie indeed.

So, you get the picture of my fitness levels (for further confirmation please read here). Now how best to start?  Well, I didn’t think it right to go straight out and out in the fresh air kind of training, that seemed a bit scary in daylight, so I plumped for the gym. I dusted off the cobwebs on my training shoes and took Lady Ga Ga with me for company.  (I thought she’d set a good pace and keep things upbeat). I set the treadmill with brave determination: 1 Gradient, 15 minutes and let’s see how far I can go….. well, blow me down, I did 2k’s.  I was really struggling right towards the second kilometer but pretended Jillian Michaels was standing there screaming abuse in my ear and managed to finish.  Hip Hip, Hooray…. I was very pleased with myself indeed and if you could see me this minute, I’m still grinning from ear to ear. 

Now the thing is, I’m guessing that I have to go back again tomorrow???

To be continued........ (I hope!)

Until the next blog
Beth x

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