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Friday, 7 January 2011

Happy New Year

Phew it’s been ages, I didn’t realize how long until I began to recount in my head everything that has happened since I last blogged (Don’t worry I won’t bore you with all the details).

2011 is upon us.  The decorations are back in the storeroom, the turkey and log have long been eaten, school back on Monday and time to shake off the Christmas tv & chocie fest and get back out there.

New Year resolutions are funny things, unlikely to last more than a fortnight despite all the good intentions in the world.  I don’t usually commit myself, too afraid to admit defeat, probably by January 2nd (when most people are still thinking of what theirs will be).  But as 2010 was such a crummy year and I was so glad to see the back of it, I thought maybe I’d try a little harder to start 2011 on a more positive note.

The hard thing was to think of something I might try and stick at…. for a while at least. One of the most obvious was to exercise and tone up since losing lots of weight last year.  Soooo, I might not get to the gym that often but I thought I could do with toning my arms at least (since Little M told me that my arms were all lovely and soft and squishy) … hmmm!  Then I sincerely thought this to be quite a good idea.  I didn’t necessarily have to go to the gym; I could actually stick to this resolution by devising a regime around me sitting down, watching tv and using two tins of beans – voila!

However, please check-in in February to:
a) See if I’m still “weight” lifting and
b) If it works! 
Ok, so far so good, a week in, but I’m so impatient I really want Jennifer Anniston’s shoulders and arms NOW!
 The other two will take a little more time as they are tied in with my recovery to a very bad bipolar episode.  Self control and patience.  Poor kids, I seem to be so impatient and snappy, wanting things to be done right away, not listening properly to what they have to say, hurrying them along.  This year Miriam will fly the nest and Madlen is growing so fast that I really should make more time to sit and enjoy all her little stories, though much of the time they are not “little” stories. To be honest they can be so long they would make Ben Hur look like a tv advert… but hey that’s not the point.  LOML is so patient and I just can’t get things done quick enough to rush to the next task.

The next being self control – yikes, where to start.  This can cover a whole umbrella of subjects and situations.  Eating, exercise, arguing, being aggressive and negative when things don’t go according to how I’d have liked, less road rage, (yes, dear reader, from little old me) driving in Singapore is quite an experience, let me tell you and I seem to drive with one hand on the wheel and the other on the horn.  It is a little well known fact that Singaporeans can sell their cars and advertise “Second hand car, good condition, indicators never used!”  Really, it’s perfectly true.

Ok, that’s enough, don’t want to overdo my first day back, and besides it’s time I got those beans out of the cupboard, sat down to work on my Jennifer Anniston arms. Soon I’ll be squishy arms no more, but of course it will take some Patience!

Night Night

Beth x

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