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Wednesday, 16 February 2011

Happy love, hugs, red roses, and chocolates every day of the year to you!

I’m two days late writing a valentine’s post (I do have a good excuse, honest, I’m in hospital, but that’s a story for another time).  I did remember Valentine’s  but wasn’t quite “with it” as they say to write much sense or as much sense as usual…  and on top of that being Welsh we don’t actually celebrate Valentine’s day in February but in January….. See I still don’t think anything I’m saying is making sense…. but I’ll still continue…..

I am a bit of a cynic where Valentine’s day is in question.  Over hyped, commercialized money making nonsense is how I see it.  Don’t get me wrong I am a very romantic old soul, I just don’t like to be ‘told’ when to be so.  I love receiving flowers from Mr H, and fair play to him he buys flowers regularly,  it’s lovely,  I love receiving them and It means so much more when he brings home a bunch of flowers when he feels like doing because he really wants to and not  when shops and posters and malls are screaming and reminding him of  the all important ‘date’ and how he MUST

Our wedding
Love Spoon

Hundreds of years ago in Wales it was tradition to show your love or affection by presenting your sweetheart with a carved wooden spoon.  The spoon was carved from one piece of wood and showed the young girl and her family that he was serious in his love for her and wanted to look after her and provide for her- a sort of early engagement symbol if you like. If the young man succeeded in capturing the girl's heart, then the spoon would be treasured and proudly displayed on one of the walls of their home, much as a wedding photograph would be today.

Love Spoons or “Llwy Garu” as we would say in welsh, are still made today for decoration and gifts and wedding favours.  I have a few, I don’t buy at random, I always buy for a special reason, our wedding, the birth of our girls, Little M’s first visit to Wales, Mr H & I’s first wedding anniversary.  I treasure them, a Welsh wall in our house here in Singapore.  Although there are some really beautiful pieces that I would dearly love to get my hands on as I said each piece, I feel, has to be bought with a meaning attached!

Our Love Spoon Collection

Each spoon is carved differently and has different meanings – the daffodil is the Welsh national flower and the dragon is the emblem so both are popular and feature heavily.  Here are just a few of the meanings.
Horseshoe – Good luck
Bell – Together in Harmony
Diamond – Wealth or Good Fortune
Cross – Faith in Jesus
Knot Work – Eternal Love
Balls in Cage – How many children
Leaves – Growing Love

Between us Mr H and I have four beautiful children and balls in a cage indicates so!
As I'm not into the whole Valentine deal then I guess I'm not late in wishing you a happy one.   Instead I'll wish you all a very happy, loving and appreciative time with your loved ones every day!

Until the next time

Beth x

Thank you for taking time to read my post


  1. I LOVE those!!! I WANT one!!!! LOL! Beautiful!

  2. Oh Bethan, flin i glywed bo ti yn yr ysbyty, gobeithio bo pethe yn ok i ti.

    Dwli ar y llwyau ar y wal - hyfryd. Nes i bosto am ddydd Santes Dwynwen yn Ionawr yn lle Valentines x

    Just a quick translate....
    I love the welsh spoons on the wall. Being Welsh I also did a post about the Welsh Valentines Day equivalent in January, Dydd Santes Dwynwen.x

  3. I love the spoons--they are so beautiful! Sorry you are in the hospital, but I'm happy I found your blog. Janae

  4. I gave you an award! Check it out at http://throughmyinsanityandwhatelseisthere.blogspot.com/2011/03/this-is-my-day-and-stylish-blogger.html and pass it on if you so choose! Keep up the blogging!

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