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Wednesday, 12 January 2011

Down With the Old and UP With the New


A small part of the street celebrations

Singapore is a fantastic spectacle of twinkling lights, trees and baubles of all descriptions from November through the Christmas period

Quite a sight to be honest.  But bang on the 2nd of January in what seems a blink of an eye it’s all gone, packed away and up go the Chinese New Year paraphernalia.  It’s like two semesters.  Christmas semester and CNY semester.  We are currently in the later.  Shops are full of oranges, all the Chinese candies and sweets you can imagine fill stalls but one thing I don't like is the change from canned Christmas carols to the strains of whiling tuneless CNY songs. 

As a family we don’t celebrate the festival (but welcome the three day holiday).  The sumptuous foods and array of colours are truly a sight to see. I am always fascinated that when Christmas is over how Singaporeans quickly change mood, tunes and food. We are mid preparation now, so there is still three weeks to go before we welcome the year of the rabbit.  In Chinese astrology I am a monkey.


A taste of past years
Lion Dance

Beautiful Street Decor

Stalls bursting with colour and delicious foods

To Be Continued.......

Until the next blog...
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