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Sunday, 9 January 2011

Flora, Fauna and a Turtle Named Froggy

Back when Little M was in Grade 1 her teacher  returned to Canada leaving a problem of who would adopt the class pet , Froggy.  How it landed on us I have no idea, but we became the new adoptive family.  Froggy isn’t a frog as you would think but a turtle. He had a brother once upon a time who was now ‘swimming in a little pool at home’ (I guess that’s G1 teacher speak for “gone to the large swimming pool in the sky!". 

We went through 4 different tanks until the very largest (of which there is no larger) even became small.  We placed a rock in the middle in the hope that it would give him a little time above water.  What happened was the sound of both Froggy and the rock slamming up against the tank, proving that even the largest tank was no longer suitable. The biggest job however was to get the girls to part with dear old Froggy.  We asked others if they could house him in their pond without joy.  So after 4 years little Froggy (or should that be large) was given a new home with so much space he could grow even more and swim to his heart’s content.  We decided after much persuasion that he would be very happy indeed at  Swan Lake at the  Botanic Gardens.

When we brough him home, he was quite small only to grow at a rapid pace

 The Singapore Botanic Gardens  is truly beautiful. A sanctuary which is 157 acres and almost a hundred and fifty years old.  It is an oasis of flora and fauna and very welcome green garden in the concrete jungle that is the city of Singapore.  It is packed full of palms, orchids, specific gardens from ginger to evolution.  A children’s garden and a small tropical rainforest to name but a few.

Banana's beginning to grow

Christmas Carols at the Botanic Gardens


               Hopefully Froggy is enjoying his new home

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