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Tuesday, 2 November 2010

This n That

A nice easy kind of day, no hassles, aggravation or bother.  Good session with my doctor and a movie this evening.

A second movie I've watched these past few days with Julie Walters.  Boy, she's a star.
 In Educating Rita she gives a performance of her life whilst still being very young and early on in her career.  The second, Buster, filmed only a couple of years later, she plays a totally different character which once again is wholly believable.

Little M's birthday at the end of this week and don't we all know it.  The party which is being trumpeted as the party of the decade, almost.  She is so funny,  her birthday being so huge on her calendar, bigger even than Christmas. It's impossible to have any conversation with her that doesn't include, birthday, party, friends, games and party bags. The count down until Friday is seriously on!

So very late again, despite changing medication and adding a few others the insomnia doesn't seem any better.  Morning's are the hardest, foggy mind, tired and achy body which takes a while to kick start into the day.  Tomorrow will be no different no doubt with it being already way past a normal person's bedtime!

A couple of things on the cards tomorrow.  Nothing terribly taxing not to create anxiety or stress but enough to keep the boredom away.  Happy medium as they say.  So, guess I best shut this thing down and try at least to get some rest.

Night Night


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