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Saturday, 23 October 2010

Friday Night is Date Night, With Messy Hair!

Insomnia strikes again! Sleep is far away.....

It's been a good day, I love having my children home on mid term holiday, lots more activity, chatter, the sound of tv, good company and a few outings. I'll miss them and their noise when they go back to school on Monday.

I got a long overdue haircut, but why is it that when I'm not going anywhere after a cut it turns out fabulous and when I am going out, as I did this evening for dinner, it's a complete mess?! And although I'm looking in the mirror at the shop, see my reflection, can see it's a complete mess, but still smile as if I like it? Worst of all, I continue this ridiculous smile when I'm paying an extortionate fee for a mess of a haircut.


Dinner more than made up for it. Good to catch up with the Love of My Life, end of the week chit chat, good food and no interuptions. Friday night has turned into 'date night' and I like it. It's happened for the past few weeks of which we try somewhere new everytime and try not to stick to the same places. It's working well so far, lovely restaurants and lots of yummy food. Although Youngest daughter is getting more and more indignant every week "You are going out AGAIN?" in a very "but your parents and parents aren't meant to have social lives and enjoy" tone.

Sleep isn't coming and how envious I am hearing Love of My Life snoring his little head off. Not to worry, tomorrow is Saturday, nothing planned, chill time and possibly some blog revision and a little more investigation - I'll soon get the knack of this..... In the meantime, night-night for now



  1. How bad is the snoring? I am so glad I am not sleeping in that bed. I find it weird that my parents are going out I thought that a date is with 2 single people.

  2. and your little girl soulds very nice.........oh wait I am your little girl