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Friday, 22 October 2010

Blog Maze

Yesterday, huge eachievement and excitment, my blog was created with minimum fuss and a celebtratory tap on the back to myself.

Great, am off to a good start.

No sooner had I pressed 'post' I got tangled up in a completely different world, speak, different 'help' forum's which were of little help as I haven't mastered the blogging language.

So, just in simple english, how do I join, is it "coffee shops" that I would find a fit for me and not find myself watching a web cam of a bird house in northern USA?What is a bubble? How does this work and more importantly how do I achieve my bubble?

Hats off to you long term bloggers who have been doing this for years.

I did however join or start "following"... getting into the swing of things and hopefully being one of the 'it crowd'.

I was looking for something to fill in my time whilst "resting". Seems I've found it, looks as though, for now, I've got a full time job on my hands, learning a lingo I never knew existed, and working my way through the blogging maze of help forums and subjects. This before I even wonder onto design, photo's, video's and getting followers and making myself look at least slightly interesting It's a good job I suffer with insomnia or this could be a long journey.

As I said, hats off to you long term bloggers, you seemed to have conquered a new world.

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