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Monday, 24 January 2011

A Small Drop

I have  two beautiful daughters that I love with all my heart.  I would do anything to protect them.  Put my life down if I had to.

How would I feel if one were to be snatched away, just like that, no idea by who, and with no money or resources to search for them?  My heart would be broken.

Working closely with different organizations in Cambodia for the past few years, stories of young girls being snatched are sadly are far too common. Taken away to an evil world where their bodies are sold to men for pleasure.  Locked together in the worst conditions, terrified and wondering what is happening.
Even typing this makes me emotional.  I have met mothers who have no idea where their children are and if they will ever see them again. And I have by the grace of God met children who have been rescued.  Words sometimes are not enough.

First Hand is an organization I helped form 4 years ago after I returned from an eye opening visit to Cambodia. Looking back at that trip, when I visited schools and orphanages, it just skimmed the surface.  The more I went back, the more I learned.  Just when you think you’ve heard the worst, you hear another.

Two years ago I visited a rehabilitation centre where children are brought to recover.  Boys and girls.  They were brought back to Cambodia having been forced to work in brothels and as street kids in Thailand.  Some children were so young when they were taken that they had no idea who their parents were or where they lived. The work at the centre is remarkable, teaching the children to trust again through a circus themed drama, dancing and song. It provides an education and teaching skills such as sewing and carpentry so that the children can have a start in life. 

Many children, thank God, are reunited with their parents through a lot of research and hard work.

There are very many wonderful organizations working hard in Cambodia.  There is so much need there.  First Hand is very small in comparison, just a small group of regular mothers who have been moved to help. We help three organizations in particular that we feel have slipped through the cracks and get little or no help. An orphanage that gets very little help from anywhere aside from us.  They ‘collect’ abandoned children from the streets.... I know, tragic. They take wonderful care of the children, searching for their parents and or families. A baby they found in water they named Moses! He's doing well now thanks to the care and love from staff.   A disabled centre with children who have smiles as wide as a canyon and an organization that rescues and rehabilitates trafficked children. We visit regularly ‘first hand’ so that we can inform our supporters of developments and needs.  We have built relationships with the children that are special.  We look forward to seeing them and they look forward to seeing us.

Going to Cambodia gives me a wakeup call a right old kick up the backside.  I come home with so much energy and enthusiasm to fundraise and publicize the evils of child trafficking, and how it is one of the biggest money making markets in the world. It generates more money across the board than Microsoft and Coca-Cola.

Some supplies taken
 We have some terrific followers who support us and attend our fundraising activities. School classes who have collected and donated are able to put pictures we have taken, on their classroom wall of the children they have helped, creating a personal connection.  Our supporters are pleased that they know that 100% of all contributions are delivered “first hand” to the centers, direct to the need. Our work is voluntary freeing up every cent of profit for the projects. We collect second hand crocs so they children have shoes.  We collect meds, toothbrushes, toothpaste, soap etc. Everything is delivered in person…. First Hand!

Please see some pictures of some of our fun events that have managed over the years to raise a lot of money to make a difference to a lot of children

Thank you for taking the time to read my post

Until the next time 
Beth x


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  1. Hey Beth! Saw your entry about followers on Blog Frog! See how that works? You hav a beautiful family! I must say I "cringed" when you were talking about Child Trafficking. It made my heart cry out. You know, I watch a lot of TV shows like "Law and Order, and CSI, all the different crime shows, and they have episodes of things like this, so I chalk it up to television. To actually KNOW that it truly goes on is horrifying for me. I'll never look at those shows the same way again. Thank you for bringing it to "reality". God Bless!


  2. I had to do an assignment in school about human trafficking, and it is so sad. Have you ever seen the movie Taken? If not, you should... very gripping :)

    Also, LOVE the pic of the Roaring 20's :)

  3. my heart hurts when I hear stories like that. When I was growing up my church group raised money to buy back a child from prostitution. I will always remember that and how we helped at least one! I would love to be involved in something like this in the states because it is a growing issue everywhere now!

  4. God bless you for your wonderful work. I will be praying for First Hand, and all your work with children.

  5. Thank you ladies for your lovely words and support. TraffickingIt is tragic and sadly growing at a rapid pace. I will post again with more stories. These children deserve a voice