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Saturday, 6 November 2010

Party Time

Well, so far so good.

Little M's extravaganza of the decade has gone (so far) like clockwork. Yay!

Time has just whizzed by that I had the shock of my life when I looked at my watch and it was  already 10.45.  I really wasn't looking forward to having 9 10 year olds here for a sleepover, but to be honest I quite enjoyed it.  They  played in the pool for ages. The games I'd googled, in order to find some different things, went down a storm . When it was time to watch a movie, ET a timeless classic (that Little M has never seen) was deemed 'scary' by a few of the girls.  I was adamant that I wouldn't put on Glee due to the recent stories in series 2, yet to come here to Singapore and (I'm trying to ween Little M off it before season 2 airs).  However, the film of choice was Grease, my favourite, but again, storyline and 'mood' of the film isn't a million miles away from Glee... well I tried at least.

As I type at 1.30am there is still lots of giggling and talking despite lights out a long while ago.  Guess the amount of sugar dictates how hyper they are, so I only have myself to blame. 

Talking of sugar, the birthday cake was fantastic.  Needless to say I didn't make it, but a lady who bakes cakes as a hobby who usually does our cakes did.  It was an amazing 3D girls in sleeping bags, with popcorn, pizza and coke.  It was far too pretty to cut - such a shame as it was a piece of art!  Had it been me to bake the cake, it would have been an Oreo each :

Best log off now.  LOML is already far away in the land of  Nod yet girls still seem to be having a great time judging by the noise.   So  I head off  with a little smile on my face, very happy that it will be a whole year before we go through this again! Of course that will be just after breakfast and waving each child off...... Night night


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